Tiny Tactical Army Vests

Tiny Tactical have released a fantastic range of bodywear so you can add a great deal of detail to your military custom minifigures.

Choose from a range of Army vests in Black, Dark Green, and Tan and the ultra cool thing is you can buy separate pieces to custom your vests. These include single, double and triple shotshell and utility pouches, Ultra Light Strikepack and 3 Day Assault Pack. As well as MP5 Mags, Pistol Mags, Shotgun Shells, Tactical Radio, and MSR Radio.

One thing to remember when buying these small parts is you will need Crazy Glue (Cyanoacrylate), Epoxy or a flexible adhesive like Goop, as these need to be glued on. These will not bond with regular hobby glue as they are impervious to most solvent adhesives.

See the full range of bodywear by Tiny Tactical now.