The Walking Dead Custom Minifigures

LegoMatic9 has produced a series of 5 custom minifigures inspired by the American horror drama television series The Walking Dead. The TV series stars Andrew Lincoln as sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way.

The Walking Dead Michonne Custom Minifigure

This Michonne custom minifigure features an Arealight curved torso and the painted head looks really good!

The Walking Dead The Governor Philip Blake Custom Minifigure

The Governor Philip Blake Custom Minifigure has nicely painted sleeves, torso and head.

The Walking Dead Merle Dixon Custom Minifigure

This Merle Dixon Custom Minifigure features a painted torso and legs and comes with a very nice metallic limb.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Custom Minifigure

This Daryl Dixon Custom Minifigure is very nicely painted with a whethering effect and nice use of the scarf/bandanna.

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Custom Minifigure

This Rick Grimes Custom Minifigure is again nicely pained with a dry dirt effect, and overall this is a great collection of The Walking Dead minifigures.

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