The Underground Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Yappen All Day Long

Adding photographs on Flickr is a good way for people to see your custom minifigures however adding a story line really lets the viewers get a feel about what you were trying to achieve.

Felix: “How has the underground affected me? I don’t know… I mean, it’s just life now I guess.”

“I just took it in and accepted it, and now I’m head of the law down here is section 8.”

James: “Well, I used to work at a local grocery store, and now I’m the head foreman in the pit.”

“I’m treated pretty well down here, better than I was before the incident.”

These Underground Custom Minifigures use a nice combination of LEGO pieces. The minifig on the left is wearing a Tiny Tactical RRV Molle Vest and his camouflaged head piece looks great. The one on the right is pretty good with some nice accessories.

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