The Punisher Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Hammerstein NWC

Frank Castle aka The Punisher is a one man army and a vigilante who conducted a one-man anti-crime campaign throughout New York City. His actions brought him into conflict with several super heroes including Spider-man and Daredevil.

Here are some of The Punisher’s more famous guises made by Hammerstein NWC using a great combination of LEGO and custom pieces.

Punisher Captain America – Marvel teased the Punisher as the new captain when Steve Rogers took a dive.

FrankenCastle – When Daken beat Frank and cut off both his arms and head most people thought it was the end for the Punisher, however Morbius and the Legion of Monsters had other ideas.

The Punisher – This is pretty much how I see the Punisher in my head, without his 70’s costume and tooled up for action.

Punisher Noir – From the Marvel Noir series. The Mask was a nice touch. 1930’s Frank avenges his Fathers death!

Punisher Angel – Not at all what you might think! Having committed suicide, Frank is given a second chance by his Rubbish Guardian Angel Gadriel who failed to save his family. Gifted supernatural powers and the greatest arsenal of Heaven, Frank sets out on a mission from God but then decides he’d rather just keep doing things his way…

Which is your favourite?