The Order of Areani Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Mark of Falworth

The Order of Areani was founded long time ago, after King Alphundus was killed, and the three brothers split the kingdom. Prince Lorean feared the fate of his father, so he formed a special band of knights, called the Areani. These men swore to protect the prince from any danger that might threaten him. The present Order is rather numerous and wields great power within Roawia. The duties of the members are now more varied as well. and the Order’s influence and power continue to expand. They field elite cohorts for the Loreesi armies, and did great service during the first swamp campaign.

These The Order of Areani Custom Minifigures look pretty cool with some nice combination of LEGO pieces, weapons and the helmets look amazing. Unfortunately not a great fan of the use of rubber bands.