The Minifig Co Fallschirmjager Soldiers

MinifigsRus Fallschirmjager Soldiers

Following on from The Minifig Co Dot44 Soldiers release they have also just released these fantastic Fallschirmjager Soldiers.

The Fallschirmjager Jump smock, or Fallschirmkittel, also irreverently known as the “Knochensack” or Bone Sack, came in two main designs and several colour/camouflage patterns.

Choose from the Officer, MP40 Soldier, MG Soldier and FG42 K98 Soldier. Each custom minifigure features a 360 degree custom printed body, printed head and arms. The soldiers comes with a custom printed BrickArms Stahlhelm helmet and the Officer comes with a custom printed Officers Hat.

You can buy these Fallschirmjager Soldiers at now.