The Minifig Co Dot44 Soldiers

MinifigsRus Dot44 Soldiers

The Minifig Co have just released these fantastic high quality digitally printed Dot44 Soldiers. Choose from the Panzer Crewman, MP40 Soldier and Kar98 Soldier.

In early 1944, Germany introduced a new uniform to replace the pullover camouflage smocks. It was made up of a tunic and trouser combo. The camouflage pattern is referred to as “Dott44, “Erbsenmuster” or “Peas Pattern” and was meant to be used for all seasons.

Each custom minifigure features a 360 degree custom printed body, printed head and arms. The soldiers comes with a custom printed BrickArms Stahlhelm helmet and the Panzer Crewman comes with a custom printed Brickforge Field Cap.

You can buy these Dot44 Soldiers at now.