The Menace By Cmorgenweck

The Menace by Cmorgenweck has great dry brushing effect on the armour and headgear and can you spot which Star Wars Minifigure helmet he has used?

If you are interested in customising your own minifigs, Cmorgenweck has written a really helpful guide on his paint work technique.

Tools needed:

1x The item(s) you will paint.
1x Silver Painting item.
1x Nearly dried out black painting item.
1x Clear gloss spray paint.
Lots of patience.

STEP ONE: Paint your item silver and let it dry.
STEP TWO: Use the spray paint to seal the paint.
STEP THREE: Get your black painting item and dab it. This will only work if it is almost dried out/ up, sort of like dry brushing.
STEP FOUR: Use the clear spray paint to seal this layer.