The Lycanthropes Erlend Holter Minifigure

Photo courtesy of TheRaconteur

Lycanthropy is the ability of a human being to transform into a wolf, and this Erlend Holter custom minifigure is the Hunting Pack leader for the LOB(Legend of Brickdom) tribe, aimed on catching and killing The Lycanthropes.

This custom minifigure has some great combinations, although it does look a bit messy in places which could be sorted. The Brickforge helmet has been modified and we like the modifications on the legs. The painted detailing on the vambraces, helmet and legs are nice.

The spots of paint can be easily cleaned up however if this minifigure is after killing Lycanthropes he needs a better weapon!

2 thoughts on “The Lycanthropes Erlend Holter Minifigure

  1. Thanks for the blog!
    But he isn’t hunting The Lycanthropes, he is a member of them, hunting for food in the wilderness. 🙂

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