The Justice Kids By eclipseGrafx

The Justice Kids By eclipseGrafx

EclipseGrafx is a New York custom minifigure designer who likes to push the boundaries when it comes to designing and printing minifigures. He was one of, if not the first person to print on LEGO hands when he released the Specter Rio De Janeiro.

EclipseGrafx have just released all the main members of Young Justice. These are a group of teenaged sidekicks and protégés attempting to establish themselves as proven superheroes. The original six members are Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Aqualad, Miss Martian and Artemis.

Red Wing eclipseGrafx Custom MinifigureThis Red Wing Custom Minifigure features 360 degree digital printing and looks amazing. As well as printing on head, torso, and legs he also has sleeve printing on the arms. He comes with a custom black and yellow cloak.

Kid Speedster eclipseGrafx Custom MinifigureKid Speedster is our personal favourite of the 6 new minifigures and features an amazing torso print. Once again he is digitally printed on all sides and has arm and elbow printing. His hair piece is dyed orange to match his character.

Power Boy eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure

Power Boy is another custom minifigure with some great detailing, and once again is digitally printed. The belt looks excellent along with the S logo, and he too features sleeve printing on the arms.

Water Lad eclipseGrafx Custom MinifigureThis Water Lad custom minifigure features very nice arm and torso printing and is digitally printed. The back printing on the torso is excellent.

Martian Girl eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure

Miss Martain has a very nice face print which features freckles and she is digitally printed on all sides. Again she comes with shoulder printing and a blue cape.

Artemisa eclipseGrafx Custom MinifigureArtemisa is the final member of the team and has the most printing. The legs have a lot of detail, and she features head, arm and tosro printing. She also comes with a bow and quiver.

The Justice Kids make one fantastic team and eclipseGrafx has made an excellent job in releasing them. have all these Justice Kids Custom Minifigures in stock so get them now as only 100 were made of each.