The Heads Of Darth Malgus

Photo courtesy of ExoBrick

Customising existing LEGO minifigures can be a fun way of giving them an update, or a low cost way of changing your minifigure for a different MOC (My own Creation). Just by changing a few of the parts can make your minifigure look totally different.

An example of this is by ExoBrick, who has taken the torso of the amazing new Darth Malgus minifigure taken from the Sith Fury Class Interceptor Star Wars 9500 set and given him a range of different heads and the results are fantastic.

The heads used are from top-bottom/left-right:

– Bane (LEGO set 6860)
– Deadpool (LEGO set 6866)
– Custom – BoneSaw minifigure (eclipseGrafx)
– Cade Bane (LEGO set 8128)
– Custom – Iron Man (Christo)
– Nute Gunray (LEGO set 9494)
– Custom – Balaclava (Spec Ops) (eclipseGrafx)
– Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine (LEGO set 10188)
– Imperial Pilot (LEGO set 7915)

Which is your favourite?