The Grim Reaper Custom Minifigure By McLovin

The Grim Reaper custom Minifigure By McLovin is his interpretation of how the Grim Reaper would look 100 years in the future, with updated armour and weapons. His scythe has evolved into a Claw Fist, and he now wields a shotgun. Also his armour has rust and verdigris to show its age and usage.

The helmet and armor are by Amazing Armory, the shotgun by BrickAffliction and the Power Claw by Games Workshop.

The painted detailing on this minifigure is excellent and we love power claw and shotgun. all the LEGO pieces and colours look fantastic together.

2 thoughts on “The Grim Reaper Custom Minifigure By McLovin

  1. Hey I love this piece as well as your other minifigures. I would really like to get on your level of minifigure customization…. if you can give me some tips that’d be great.

    Did you make everything from scratch (i.e. did you mold and paint everything yourself) or did you buy the parts from somewhere? If you bought it from somewhere can you please forward me the website. I know in the description of your minifigure it mentions where the parts were from, but, for example the power claw….. it said it was from Games Workshop, but I couldn’t find any item there that looks like that nor could I find and art supplies that could lead to the creation of your power claws. If you can give me some more info Id appreciate that very much. Thanks.

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