The Evolution of Soap (and KJ)

Custom minifig The Evolution of Soap (and KJ)

The Evolution of Soap (and KJ) – a custom minifig creation by The Knight (KJ)

i really wanted to share this pic, as its an illustration of progress, and its something i really want to press home, there are loads of custom minifigs fans who mail me asking to feature their minifigs and whilst i’d love to, i also want to make sure the minifigs shown here are truly original and impressive, i want these custom minifigs to give you ideas and inspire you to try out making your own custom minifigs. and you can’t expect them to be amazing first time round, it takes practice and learning to get there, and as this photo shows, when you look back you’ll be able to see the difference. Keep sending your stuff in!

as KJ mentions –

I’ve been wanting to put this together for sometime now. For all of the younger guys (and older ones too) that give me praise for my figures and fav my recent accomplishments, here is the evolution of my style. I have been consantly improving my minifig making skills over the past few years and this picture just goes to show you to never be satisfied. You can always strive to do better, be better. Grow in your skills daily and give thanks for the gifts God has given you. Here is my Soap fig from start to finish. All of these pics have been posted on Flickr at one time or another but I always knew I had not done my best, so I keep coming back to it. Sometimes drastic changes, other times subtle but always growing and developing my eye, my art, and my skills. Thank you to everyone who has been viewing my work lately and giving me praise at a time when I have certainly needed it. I appreciate all of you. So, God Bless, because you have truly been a blessing for me.


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