The Domino Gang

Photo courtesy of Hammerstein NWC

The great thing about LEGO is once you have a nice collection of head, hair, torso, and leg pieces you can let your imagination run wild!

The Domino Gang are led by Hoodlum, they are the embodiment of youthful discontent in 2075.

Hoodlum opted out of law abiding society to pursue a life of petty crime and self indulgence, his no good buddies joined him soon after. Why work for Creds when you can just take em’?!

Starting out as they are, they are not particularly well armed or organised but their strength lies in numbers and their game plan of only robbing the weak and vulnerable..

Individually they are no match for an experienced Shadow Runner but together they might just give someone a nasty surprise.

These minifigures are well thought out with some great combinations and the vibrant colours are fantastic! Our favourite is Gaz, which is yours?