The Dark Knight Custom Minifigures

The Dark Knight Custom Minifigures
Photo courtesy of Shoco

It is always nice to uncover a member of the LEGO custom minifigure on Flickr that people haven’t seen or heard of before, and you definitely need to check out Shoco’s Flickr stream.

He has so many fantastic custom minifigures that we would be on weeks showcasing them all, so as a huge Batman fan I am delighted to blog about his Dark Knight custom minifigures.

The sculpting, detail, and paintwork is amazing and my favourite has to be Bane. The legs and mask look fantastic and are on a high level along with G-Bricks.

Over stand-out features include the jokers hair piece and waistcoat, and the vambraces on Batman.

Overall these Dark Knight custom minifigures are amazing and it is worth checking out his other work.