The Brute Force Custom Minifigures

The Brute Force Custom Minifigures
Photo courtesy of Hammerstein NWC

After a decade of fighting the Alien invasion, the Galaxy Squad had been eliminated. In the same way the ADU was toppled by the Martians and replaced by GS, now the Brute Force has superseded the brightly coloured yahoo’s.

Investigations by human controlled Drones brought back news from Termite (the Buggoid home hive world). Their planet was devoid of nutrients required to feed their elite larvae. The buggoids had come to our Galaxy to provide sustenance for their queens. They were harvesting human DNA to farm our people as cattle.

When the Galaxy Squad had been removed they started to take civilians who were much easier targets.

A lone survivor came forward with new tactics and a better plan. Our technology was no match for the buggoid defences. High tech lasers and crafts were dropped. In came Old Skool, more personal hand to hand combat fighting and plasma tech drones.

Major Max Solarflare vowed revenge….

The Brute Force is an excellent collection of mini build vehicles and custom minifigures. These include Major Max Solarflare and Machete, Bug Hunter and The Demolition Team.

Be sure to check out Hammerstein NWC’s Flickr stream for more photographs.