The Bat Rises CUUSOO

Photo courtesy of Jp_velociraptor

With the announcement of some new LEGO Superheros DC Universe Minifigures for 2013 the big question is will there be a The Dark Knight Rises LEGO set?

In the movie The Dark Knight Rises, an all new generation of Batwing named “The Bat” makes its debut and this MOC(My own Creation) is very realistic and now on CUUSOO. CUUSOO is an online site that lets you share your ideas for LEGO set concepts, get others to vote for your idea, and you might see your idea produced as a real LEGO product!

The main features of the set include landing gear that can packed up when flying, 2 propellers that provide the main thrust of The Bat, and 2 minifigures can sit inside.

Vote for The Bat Rises at CUUSOO now.