Ten custom minifigs I’d like to see made

I thought I’m make a quick post about ten custom minifigs I’d like to see made, if you’re up for the challenge, the first person to make all the minifigs in this list will get a prize.

1. Killzone – I know this is already being worked on by Hazel but still.
2. Wolverine, i reckon the hardest part is the claws, and whilst i’ve seen attempts, no ones been able to handle the claws decently.
3. 118 118 guys (if you’re from the uk you’ll know who i’m talking about)
4.Kung Fu Panda
5. Tropic thunder -in fact any vietnam war oriented custom minifig
6. The rabbit off Donnie Darko
7. Jay and silent bob
8. Futurama and simpsons (yes i know theres 2 and its kind of been done)
9. Starship troopers
10. T2000 Terminator

One thought on “Ten custom minifigs I’d like to see made

  1. I’ll see what I can do with some of those! I have always wanted to do #8, but the head/hair is quite daunting.

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