Tattooed custom minifigs pilot ad

lego minifigure custom tattoo

minifigure tattooed lego

tattooed lego minifig biker

tattooed lego custom minifig pirate

tattooed lego minifigure custom inmate

tattooed lego custom minifig yakuza

two awesome ads that seemed to have spread across the web, they are basically ads for pilot fine liner pens (which are actually really good), apparently the two lego minifigures have been tattooed with these pilot pens, making them custom minifigs! i’m not sure if these were endorsed by lego, given that lego minifigures were used and I’m not sure just how much of the tattoos were hand drawn on to the minifigs sure pilot pens are great and fine, but minifigs are small too! regardless these two custom minifigures rock, i’d love to see a whole gang of these with brickarms and amazing armory weapons, maybe some MOC harleys…a minifigure biker gang…at last lego police have a worthy opponent!