Task Force 141 – “Doom on you Mr. Tango!”

Custom minifig Task Force 141 -

Task Force 141 – “Doom on you Mr. Tango!” – a custom minifig creation by The Knight (KJ)

awesome group shot of four custom minifigs, and each custom minifig is totally unique and highly detail bringing out the character and individuality of each custom minifig.
Custom Elements…
Price – Boonie Hat by: BrickArmy.com; Tac Vest, Glock and Tac Belt by: MinifigCat, PSR by: BrickArms

Soap – Tac Vest by: Amazing Armory (Hazel), Ammo Clip and AC by: BrickArms

Ghost – Tac Vest by: Amazing Armory (Hazel), CSMG by: BrickArms

Roach – Helmet, Nightvision goggles, Tac Vest, Belt w/ Holster, M4A1, Glock by: MinifigCat, Extra Ammo Clip and Mic (Modified M84 Stun Grenade) by: BrickArms, Decal for legs by: Fine Clonier

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