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how to make a lego wood cylinder

how to make a lego wood cylinder by 2muchcaffeine

(how to make a lego wood cylinder by 2muchcaffeine)

If you’re making Lego custom minifigs, you’ll probably be wanting to make vignettes of these custom minifigs as well, and this is something customminifig.co.uk will be considering covering soon. In the mean time heres a useful tip to make cylinders from a Lego rail and several smooth plates. Very simple but looks great, and could be altered for all sorts of things, such as the lining on a dock by the ships.

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custom lego wood zabuza sword

custom lego wood zabuza sward by defender91

(custom lego wood zabuza sword by defender91)

This custom Lego minifig scale sword (yes it is minifig scale) was made out of walnut wood, and is really well shaped, i think it would be better if it was plastic moulded but  hey ho, I’m sure some one will try, regardless, its  nice to see new and custom pieces turning up. 😀

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