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Lego samurai MOC

Lego samurai MOC by kv_draugaer

(Lego samurai MOC by kv_draugaer)

This brilliant Lego MOC samurai is larger that minifig scale, but no less custom made, and you’ll notice there is a minifig hand as a crest on the helmet, and a disproportionately small minifig head.

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Cool Lego custom minifig Samuri Jack

samurai jack lego custom minifig

(Lego custom minifig by ImpreSariO)

This awesome samurai minfig was custom made by ImpreSariO a very talented custom minifig builder, the inspiration for the custom minifig samurai was from samurai Jack a cartoon network TV series, whats really fantastic about the custom minifig, is the legs made from Lego bricks, see Lego actually have a range of samurai minifigs, and the legos could have been made using fabric, but this custom minifig is unique in the use of Lego bricks for this purpose, and I think you’ll agree it’s every effective is presenting a strong, bold and stylized feel to this custom minifig.

Additionally the custom minifig face is a custom decal that uses manga illustrations and is really effective, for a minifig with no other markings the face decal really expresses the personality of the minifig and the use of a four by one flat as a sword sheath is pretty cool too!

For more information on custom minifig legs check this article.

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