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Sourcing LEGO Parts For Custom Minifigs

Following on from the overview of how to customize LEGO Minifigs. Lets go into more concise detail on how to source and find specific elements for a custom minifig. The reason we are focusing on this rather than the concept and design stages is because this part of the process is one which is not reliant on ideas.

Combat Brick Japanese WWII Type 99 Machine Gun

LEGO has designed hundreds of thousands of different sets, and mifigures, however there are also elements that LEGO do not produce, publicly they have stated for example that you cannot get LEGO weapons, so you would have to rely on external companies like BrickArms and CombatBrick for these.

Brick Warriors Pearl Gold Range

In order to source LEGO pieces for your custom minifig, you need to have you idea clear. First you want to break down your custom minifig design in to the individual body parts and accessories. Be sure to check out BrickWarriors and Brickforge.

To save you a degree of time there are a couple of sites that have a cool features that allows you to structure your minifig based on the different combination of elements, its certainly not exhaustive of the entire range of LEGO minifigs out there but its pretty close.

Additionally other sites such as Brick Link and LEGO Pick a Brick are all great places to source individual Custom minifig torso, arm and legs. We have a full list of Custom Minifig Suppliers. You have to be creative, for example for modern military custom minifigs, LEGO do not produce a torso that represents this, however the minfigs from the Dino Attack collection are very SWAT team-esque and could be used as a substitute, but the again the Dino Attack minifigures are no longer made so you would either have to find them second hand or produce your own decals for your custom minifig.

As a result of changing LEGO stock in the brand new and second hand market as well as the ever increasing demand for certain minifigs, when creating large quantities of custom minifigs, it may cost a lot, or you may have to wait for prolonged periods of time for the right minifig components to appear on the market. In these instances you may well find it easier to use flat colour minifigs and create your own decals, however even these flat colour torsos may be in short supply as well, so you have to be reasonably prepared to removed existing decals, or change the colour template or in extreme circumstances create your own casts and mould your own minifigs from scratch.

Lord Of The Rings Orc Army

Regardless of what you do in this context, sourcing the right minifig components can be the longest and most frustrating part of minifig customization, but it can also be very rewarding, just remember your LEGO invading army that’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Stormtrooper minifigs valentines

Stormtrooper minifigs valentines
Stormtrooper minifigs valentines by Balakov

So tomorrow is valentines day, so from all of us at Custom minifig we’d like to wish you a Happy valentines day.

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Evolutionary Step custom minifigs

Evolutionary Step custom minifigs
Evolutionary Step custom minifigs by rongYIREN

these are brilliant custom minifigs, totally made from scratch with standard Lego parts, they posses a real Spore-esque look the colour combination is really cool as well, it would be great to see a whole tribe of these custom minifigs.

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My custom minifigs

My custom minifigs

My custom minifigs by timeforacatnap

so finally, i’ve got ound to doing two things, 1. testing out the new camera i got over christmas, and 2. actually making and taking some photos of my custom minfigs, about time too considering how much I’ve been blogging on custom minifig about everyone elses minfigs.

from left to right:

Hero Nakamura (heroes), HALO Para jumber,  House MD, Russian Spetznatz, British Para trooper.

these minifigs are made from true Lego parts with the beret being a sluban piece, and the weapons being from brick arms. so, what do you think of my first attept and creating my own custom minifigs?

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Starcraft Marines custom minifigs

Starcraft Marines custom minifigs by Jerrec

OK so not strictly custom minifigs but rather MOCs, these are based on the starcraft tarren marines, they use a whole range of interesting join and build combinations, and the minifig helmets really seal the deal with these custom MOCs

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