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LOEM Inquisitor Group

LOEM Inquisitor Group
LOEM Inquisitor Group by JasBrick

I’m guessing this is warhammer inspired, and it actually works really, well, the skull robot is brilliant, whilst in theory the custom sword is really cool, personally its not my cup of tea, the double cross bow and the book look brilliant, i have to say Jasbrick’s custom minifigs get better each time I see a new one, I’m guessing Hazel might have a challenge on his hands!

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dekulink custom minfig

dekulink custom minfig by donald kennedy

(dekulink custom minfig by donald kennedy)

I believe this custom minifig is base on some Japanese computer game character but I’m not sure, nevertheless, its a pretty cool custom minifig, the weird mouth is pretty cool as is the hair.

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lego dj fatboyslim custom minfig

lego dj fatboyslim minfig by minifig

(lego dj fatboyslim minfig by minifig)

This brilliant custom minifig, wouldn’t work without the massive DJ booth in front, whilst the minifig isn’t totally original the massive custom built DJ booth really works to define the minifig. Its pretty cool and would look even better in a custom Lego vignette.

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Lego custom minfig Skier

Lego custom minfig Skier

(Lego custom minfig Skier by bladewin)

Seeing as its winter and its freezing in London at the moment i thought it apt to show this  Lego custom minifig Skier, all the parts are lego standard Minifig parts, and lego parts so you could consider it ‘purist’ but its really nice, and makes me want to ski.

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