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Lego custom Minifig snipers

Lego custom Minifig snipers1

(Lego custom Minifig sniper by Legodenno)

Lego custom Minifig snipers2

(Lego custom Minifig snipers by Robbyem)

I found these two custom minifig variations on the theme of snipers on the web, both these custom minifigs use Brick arms Lego custom minifig weapons and fabric elements. It’s these fabic elements that are most interesting in combination with a Minifig, as whist there are robes, cloaks and other Lego minifig fabric elements, the nature of a ghillie suit, which snipers use, means that it’s more difficult to portray this in Lego minifigs, Its interesting to see how each of these two custom minifigs has been able to tackle this problem in different approaches, producing two totally unique and custom minifigs as a result.

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Hazel Fantasy – More New Custom minifig parts

Hazel Fantasy - More New Custom minifig parts1

(custom minfig Helmet by Hazel)

Hazel Fantasy - More New Custom minifig parts2

(custom minifig weapon by Hazel)

Hazel Fantasy - More New Custom minifig parts3

(custom minifig weapon by Hazel)

After check Hazel’s Flickr page I found that he has now released several new items, Including a unique helmet, a highly detailed Lego sniper rifle, and in the last photo (the weapon on the left) what appears to be a bull pup designed minfig weapon. I’ve still been unable tomake contact with Hazel, but have been trying, so if any ofyou have had previous dealings with Hazel, please get in touch!

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