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Custom minifig Lego M16

There are several ways you can deal with custom minifig weapons, lets take a minifg M16, a pretty common weapon, and popular with custom minifig creators.

The easist way to acquire a custom minifig Lego M16 is to head over to BrickArms who make a whole variety of custom minifig weapons and a commando style minifig M16, the one with the retractable stock, BrackArms make these minifig weapons from  the same plastic used in Lego Minfigs so they are pretty solid.

The alternative way to get a Lego M16 for minifigs is to obviously try and make one yourself, below are two videos I found  showing two different ways to make a Lego minifg M16, obviously by making it yourself, the accuracy of how the Lego M16 looks to the real M16 is reduced but it can be more fun to make and cheaper.

Obviously you can take the same strategy  for any weapon you want to create for minifigs, and just to show you the full potential of making your own Minifig, check out this post about a custom built minifig M1917A1

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MiniFig bullpup rifles

There’s been quite a lot of discussion on how to make bullpup designed rifles for custom Lego minifigs. Essentially a bull pup designed rifle have the magazine behind the shooters firing hand rather than at the from, and example with be the FAMAS or SA80A2. Now the problem with this weapon design as opposed to, lets say the M16 for example, is when converted to Lego form, the arms of a Lego Minifig mean that there is an innate difficultly presented by the bull pup design, cheifly because the Lego minifig arm simply wouldn’t allow for a weapon butt.

Now the thing is for my custom minifig project, I want a bullpup weapon, so I’ve thought a (at the moment) theoretical way to get around this. rather than having a formal handle the custom Lego weapon will have a clip of some sort that goes round what would essentially be the Lego minifigs thumb. this would shift a large part of the bullpup weapon to one side which would then allow for a better positioning to allow for the larger butt of the weapon, if more space were needed, then one could carve out part of the minifig weapon so that it fit snugly to accommodate the thickness of the minifigs arm.

There are some short comings to this custom minifig weapon design however, for one, the Lego minifigs arm wouldn’t be able to move, it would have to be straight out in front of the minifig when holding the weapon, so not very good for vignettes. The other glaring challenge is that the custom minifig bull pup weapon will not be a totally genuine replica, for one there wouldn’t be a handle, but a hand-clip, for another there would be a part carved out to accommodate the mini fig arm. But overall, I suspect this is about as close as we can get to a custom minifig Bullpup weapon variant.

Minifig bullpup idea

Here is a rough computer sketch of how it might work, notice the hand clip

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