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golden knight custom minifig

 golden knight crises

(golden knight custom minifig by crises)

this is a really nice custom job, there’s alot of glue and paint gone into this custom minifig, but it seems to work the black and gold combination really works well, and the shoulder pads are fantastic

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Custom Lego minifig Templar Knight

Lego knight custom minifig

(Custom Lego minifig by Pharazon)

Lego have made knights for quite some time, however they’ve always been quite generic and non-decript, in that Lego have never really wanted to have any political allegiances (keeping it PC), that kind of ruled out the crusades or any iconongrapy that would imply a religious allegiance on a minifig. Pharazon however created this custom Lego minifig, and I have to admit, it is simply supurb, it’s actually quite a simple minifig custom job, in that its a fabric robe and a custom hat, and not much more, but its very effective. It also illustrates how effective fabric items can be at completing a custom minifig.

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