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Lancer Gears of war custom minifig gun

Lancer Gears of war custom minifig gun
Lancer Gears of war custom minifig gun by »Kenny«

Not quite as detailed as Hazel’s SAW gun, but hats off for managing to create this monster of a gun, as you can just about make out, this custom minifig gun was created using a Brickarms xenos rifle and a Lego saw part, glued and cut together, it actually works quite well, but does lack some detail.

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Marcus Fenix Gears of War hand made custom minifig

Marcus Fenix Gears of War hand made custom minifig
Marcus Fenix Gears of War hand made custom minifig by »Kenny«

So here’s a good example of a hand created custom minifig, using a little inginuity and some Lego and brickarms parts you too, can just about create the Gears of war Marcus Fenix custom minifig, that was made so popular by the custom minifig parts Hazel created, its really neat actually and if the patterns on the chest piece were actually decals rather than painted on this would work better.

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Hazel GOW minifig weapons

Hazel GOW minifig weapons
Hazel GOW minifig weapons by timeforacatnap

here’s a close up of an all black custom minifig equipped with Hazels custom GOW minifig weapons, this photo really shows the level of detail hazel has gone to in the now infamous saw gun. This photo also gives you a good idea of scale of these custom minifig weapons, in relation to an actual minifig.

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Hazel’s custom minifig parts arrive

Hazel's custom minifig parts arrive
Hazel’s custom minifig parts arrive by timeforacatnap

here we have two of the box of items I ordered off Hazel, i have to say the finish is supurb, I mean these aren’t even toys, you’re looking at display only items here, the quality is beyond Brickarms, and each one is hand painted, it’s only when you hold one that you actually see how well finished these custom minifig parts are.

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Featured interview with Custom minifig expert HAZEL Fantasy

Featured interview with Custom minifig expert HAZEL Fantasy1

Hazel Fantasy is one of the most respected and innovative custom minifig sculptors in the Lego community, his work has gains noteriety with in custom minifig circles for his innovation and attention to detail, personally I’m a massive fan, especially as his work is purist and involve lots of sculpting, sanding and drilling, it’s more like modelling than minifig customization, but thats the point behind Hazel Fantasy’s work, its an art, its not bound by rules or strict guidelines, its fun, innovative and above all, cool.

Featured interview with Custom minifig expert HAZEL Fantasy 2

So, after weeks of trying to hunt down the elusive Hazel Fantasy not just to do an interview for custom minifig, but also to get ahold of some of the brilliant custom minifig accessories he’s produced, in particular his Gears of War 2 stuff (you can see what else I wrote about these here and here), I’m finally managed to find out where you can get some of Hazels custom minifig accessories (you can get then at AMazing Armory) AND we got an exclusive interview with Hazel Fantasy!

Here are some of the Links relating to Hazel Fantasy and his custom minifig accessories:

Hazel Fantasy on Flickr

Hazel Fantasy on Brickshelf

AMazing Armory on Flickr

AMazing Armory on Bricklink

Featured interview with Custom minifig expert HAZEL Fantasy 3

Here is the unedited interview (you have to forgive some of the responses, but I’d rather present something unaltered)

1. Hi Hazel, I’m a really big fan of your work and you’ve made a really big name for yourself as one of the greats in Lego Minifig customization, ow did you first get in to Lego minifig customization?

Answer :
In lego Lego Minifig , is not my first time , scene 2004 i have already start my
custom in LEGO minifigs , i remember my first custom is star wars Series.
At that time, only wanted to think of what to do, did not expect, it is becoming my job now, haha .

2. I love the custom GOW2 armour and weapons you made, and I understand these were some of the most well publicised pieces you made, how long did it take you to make them and how did you transfer the design from the game into Lego scale?

well.. i remember when i was stop build lego moc at 7 years before , i have work
is taiwan doing my design works ,Figures works 12″, 3.5″ ,guns parts too , that’s start me up thinking how to custom lego minifigs gears or something for they can use in , you know , lego.com did have much guns style ,armor ..even a hans mobil phone..haha .. i addiction in  TV game , PS3 ,Xbox ,PSP too ,like all the characters in game,When I started playing my favorite TV game, I want to have income in the hands of characters…
So i custom it ,Sometimes done when the 12 “may be too much , I found a lego size to begin!

3. I’ve seen some of your other work, in particular you Aliens MOCs and you samurai MOCs, how do you come up with ideas and plan out your MOCs? Is it just a case of having an idea and making it or is there a long planning process?

Oh . about samurai MOCs , is helping my friends to create them out ,they always using lego minifigs to create custom lego story , & i helping them to create some special,unique minifigs just for their own story about  Aliens MOCs ,yes ~ that a long planning process ,for 2 years about , i always check out brickshelf.com at some Aliens fan’s gallery , very nice !!
so we want to create a Aliens video in lego scale , haha!
For Details situation is still planning now,until when those moc in lego are all finish ~

4. I understand you are from Japan/Hong Kong (i’m also from Hong Kong), what is the Lego scene like out there?

That’s happy to hear that  (i’m also from Hong Kong)
i just work’n in japan work shop ~ oh HK lego scene is very good in here !
when , whatever lego.com got new set , lego fan’s becoming crazy for that !!
lego never die !!!!

5. what sort of tools and material do you use for your prototypes and how do you transform these into mass production pieces?

I have been using silicone molds and then vacuum-like pieces of copy machines. Each mold can be replicated 30-60 pieces, materials include: ABS, PU, transparent PU, Soft PU.Before me and my friends at their own expense, two controllers,2D CAD or 3D graphics establish a solid model.3D or 2D CAD archives archives, and then the use of rapid prototyping machine manufacturer ABS module was first introduced, after the completion of the first run after the deal can be polished, the fuel injectors. Finalization of the model shape.
About mass production pieces , now i have just create my own custom works then [AMazing armory] put these into mass production,because time & of the limited detail. Size limited … not the volume of production, can be used only for processing in me ..now they team handle that all !

6. Whats your favorite Lego series?

by the numbers …haha  Star Wars ,Pirates ,Rock Riders ,Racer

7. If Lego could create one thing for you, what would it be?

Build a real House for myself `~ even Big Pirates ship , wish my dreams come true ~~~

8. Do you have any advice for beginners going into Lego minifig customization? Is there anything that you have learnt about the Lego customization community?

Um .thinking , planning ,make a prototypes first before going into Lego minifig customization.If advice for beginners ,to carry out preliminary planning and preparation must be try & try many time in custom ,enjoyable learning experience,and explore the interest of custom,custom more effective use of design,According to the planned implementation of the program, the implementation of concrete progress, and regularly review the progress of the effectiveness of, in case of any early completion, will increase the target, if there is a lag, we must immediately work to increase the content of the amendment and the feasibility of the project too..~!
As long as they can do a good job in setting goals for themselves, for their own time and space planning for their commitment to work hard in practice and accountable for their own plan to guarantee its performance, enhance their knowledge in this field, successful and creative experience, this down, you challenging the work of [Custom] will be the most meaningful ! :]

9. Do you have any new and exciting products that we can all wait for? Any new upcoming projects that will be out soon?

Um ..new and exciting products .??
Now i just finish all of my G.O.W minifigs ..starting up my Final Fantasy characters , next will be [ The Lord of the Rings ]

Thank you for this interview !!
keep in touch ~
Happy New Years to all lego fan’s

Hazel Fantasy

Featured interview with Custom minifig expert HAZEL Fantasy 4

So there you have it the first ever exclusive interview with the master of minifig customization – Hazel Fantasy

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