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How to remove decals from Lego minifigs

Whilst Lego minifigs come in all sorts of colours, if you want to add your own decals you have two choices, one, is to use stickers which is pretty straight forwards and keeps the existing lego decal on the minifigs.

The better, or at least more professional looking way, is to use water slide decals, however because most Lego minifigs now have decals printed on their torsos, you’ll need to first remove this.

Here’s how to remove decals from a Lego minifig:

What you’ll need:

1. Brasso
2. water
3. cloth – eg the type you use to clean glasses with
4. Q tip
5. tooth pick.
6. soap

Brasso is a Micro abrasive cleaner, usually used to polish silver, so the usual precautions apply, make sure you read the instructions before using it on your minifigs, and make sure you clean your minifigs afterwards.

1. use a small quantity of Brasso (about the size of a coin) on to your paper towel or cloth.
2. Rub Lego element or minifig part vigorously against cloth containing the Brasso.  Apply more
Brasso if necessary. Removing the printing from a torso should take 15 seconds to 1 minute depending on how much elbow grease one uses.
3. Once the original print has been removed, wash the piece with soap and water, making sure to
remove any residual Brasso, and then allow the part to dry.
4. smaller parts you can use a tooth pick or qtip to apply the brasso.

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Lego Custom minifig engraving and printing

Lego Custom minifig engraving and printing

(Lego, Custom, minifig, engraving, printing, decals by brickengraver.com)

Whilst this image really doesn’t do this justice, you have to look at a larger image to really appreciate what is so unique about the images on theses Lego minifigs. When you do however you’ll notice that the images on these Lego custom minifigs are actually engraved rather than decals, pictures on the slab like magazines are photo printed directly onto the Lego surface, which is why there is so much detail and I think they look great, however I’m still unsure how long lasting printing directly onto Lego would be, after all you’d need a special kind of ink to keep it on the Lego surface. Definitely worth checking out if you can, and ignore the poor quality site. Check out  brickengraver.com here.

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Custom MiniFig’s first Lego vignette

So Lego mini fig customization is pretty new to me, prior to this I was a competition winner with various Warhammer custom projects, which involved a lot of painting, sculpting and planning.

My Idea is to create a usable custom mini fig vignette which doubles as a custom minifig chess set. The planned theme for this custom minifig diorama, is the British Army in parade uniform and combat fatigues, the chessboard would also be made of lego, with black square being green and white squares being brown. Layers would be created to give the custom Lego minifig chessboard some depth making it look like terrain whilst still allowing the chess set to be playable.

The chess pieces would naturally be made by custom designed Lego minifigs with BrickArm weapons. These custom minifigs would have accessories and decals to make them fit in with the respective colours of each theme. Each type of minifig would represent a particular part of the British Army, these are as follows:

Combat side
Pawns would be infantry- Gurkhas minifigs to be specific
Castles would be Para minifigs
Horses – sniper minifigs
Bishops – RPG  minifigs
Queen – SAS  minifig
King – General minifig

Parade side
all the pawns would be infantry- Guards minifigs
the castles would be artillary minifigs
horses – cavalry – blues and royals minifigs
bishops – Drum major minifigs
Queen – spy (james bond?) minifigs
King – General

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The Break down of a MiniFig

parts of a mini fig

Lego Minifigs are made of 6 parts, the head, arms, hands, torso, hips and legs, allowing for several points of movement, the head, arms, hands and feet all move. The Arms and legs are further divided into right and left sides.

Since the inception of Lego Minifigs, there have been some further variations to this basic Lego minifig design. Most notably in the legs and hips, you can find variations with springs in the feet (from the basket ball series) and ones with magnets (from the movie series). Additionally women with skirts were commonly illustrated in mini fig for by using a 3x1x4 vertical column with an angled side. Additionally a pair of squat legs was designed for shorter Lego minifigs such as yoda, these however don’t allow for any leg movement at all.

Lego mini fig leg variants

Accessories, decals and head gear are also additional elements which make up the standard Lego minifig. Accessories can take the form of objects that fit into the mini figs hand, as well as items that sit on the head plug (such as back packs or capes), or fabric items such as gun holsters and robes. decals are the design element and one of the key ways to distinguish the sex of the Lego minifig, typically decals are found on the front and back of the torso, this along with the decals that go on the face  form the basic ways in which a Lego minifigs personality and uniqueness come out. within Custom mini fig circles there have even been decals that go on the hands and arms that have been created.

In addition to these foundations Lego have also produced additional role specific Lego elements such as the ghost and skeleton as well as various other alien elements, and whilst these can be considered minifigs in the broadest sense their use within mini fig customization, at least for the moment seems limited.

Essentially by using these elements you can create totally customized minifigs that reflect a whole range of personalities. Below is a montage of some great examples of customized minifigs.


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