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Battle damaged clone trooper

Battle damaged clone trooper by exxtrooper

(Battle damaged clone trooper by exxtrooper)

I really like the custom made decal used on this minifig, I’m guessing the original decal was left in place and the custom one overlayed on top, it gives this minifig a more unique appreance and adds so action to the otherwise clean and prestine clone trooper.

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female clone troopers custom minifigs

female clone troopers custom minifigs by Fine Clonier

(female clone troopers custom minifigs by Fine Clonier)

these two female Lego starwars custom minifigs are great, not only are they pink, which is ‘interesting’ for starwars, bt the decals are really detailed and finished to a high quality, interestingly these minifigs hold custom moulded minifig weapons as well, making them even more interesting and unique.

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custom star wars scout clone trooper Lego minifig

custom star wars scout clone trooper Lego minifig by Fine Clonier

(custom star wars scout clone trooper Lego minifig by Fine Clonier)

this custom minifig has some really impressive decals from Fine Clonier on it, it seems that one of the largest niche’s in minifig customization is within starwars lego minifigs, a good move from Lego there! more impressively virtually all the custom starwars minifigs I’ve seen are finished to a really high standard and this custom Lego storm trooper scout minifig is no exception, the only gripe I have is that the decal might be a bit too detailed, meaning that it may not be as good looking from afar.

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Sluban Lego Clone Review

Sluban Lego clone Review

Sluban are a Lego clone company, originating from China, and trading under the name of Oxford in Korea, I’m not entirely sure as the packaging and photos seem the same.

I’ve found various places including Wilkinsons (thanks Jasbrick) and Ebay that sell Sluban.  It seems that Oxford, produce more products than Sluban. Additionally I found a Dutch website that seems associated with Sluban.

The Sluban bricks are virtually identical to Lego bricks and whilst the suffer from being slightly poorer quality anf finish, they seem to fit with Lego bricks fairly well. The Minifigs however are pretty useless, the minifigs are made similar to Lego minifigs with the same joint movements as a Lego minifig, however the significant difference in the sluban minifigs is the Legs, these are connected to the body differently and the Legs are more shaped, in actual facts this actually works against the Sluban minifig.

The one key feature about sluban that is brilliant is the minifig helmet (in this case), and the chest piece which Jasbrick commonly uses, these minifig helmets fit perfectly on a Lego minifig and are Idea for any custom minifig work you might choose to do.

When you consider that the Sluban Box I bought cost me less than £1.50 when I bought it in a market in south east asia, and i got two minifig helmets from it, that’s about £0.75 per helmet which isn’t too bad, and as for the bricks, I’ll probably still use them.

Shop Sluban Lego on Ebay now.

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