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New Brick Arms Prototype time bomb

Here’s the latest Brickarms prototype which is due to be unveiled at Brickfest.
• The Timer is removable (with effort)
• It fits in a standard Lego briefcase
• It it recessed underneath to allow attachment to a standard LEGO stud (Ian says “Like on the side of a boat, for demolitions!)”

I can see the UK media kicking up a real fuss about this after all the noise they made over the Brick arms custom minifig terrorist.

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Custom Minifig M4A1

Custom Minifig M4A1 by vincentb

(Custom Minifig M4A1 by vincentb)

Whilst not totally usable this Custom Minifig M4A1 looks the business, and any custom minifig with this weapon would be true one man army, it looks brilliant and its pretty amazing to think its minifig scale, the finish isn’t too great but if you look past that it’s pretty sweet.

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Get your Space Pirate Minifigs in *competition time*!

Space Pirate building competition, see here

So our good friend Cbla member has organized a Lego space pirate building competition, with two catagories: Ships and Minifigs.

Naturally, custom minifig, will be sponsoring the Minifig catagory, the prize, is going to be the limited edition Brickarms Limited Edition Silver Weapons pack and we’ll be interviewing the top three winners of this catagory for the custom minifig blog, get your name out there and let all the movers and shakers know how good you are.

so heres the low down on the custom minifig arm of the Lego space pirate building competition:

make a custom space pirate minifig whether you do some cutting gluing and painting or just find the perfect combination of TLG elements creativity is the key. Only one entry per person in the Custom Minifig category.

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Minifig for Life and Brick Arms launch Mr. Grey custom minifig

Minifig for Life and Brick Arms launch Mr. Grey custom minifig

This is the Mr grey custom minifig by Brickarms, its the next in the line of terrorist looking custom minifigs produced by brickarms, personally I don’t know what the fuss is about with terrorist Lego, but hey-ho, the accessories are custom minifig weapons casted using the same material and process as normal Lego, so they are very high quality, whist the torso of the minifig is from the raiders in the Lego Starwars series and the legs, head and ninja mask are all standard Lego minifig pieces, what you’re paying for is a completed custom minifig, complete with Brick arms weapons.

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The Real Lego Terrorist custom minifig

The Real Lego Terrorist custom minifig

(The Real Lego Terrorist custom minifig by John-0515)

After all the media coverage of the Brick Arms Mr White, whom the media accused of being an islamic terrorist, I stumbled across this  image of a custom minifig terrorist, its strange how the media will twist and manipulate something as innocent as the Mr white minifig with its Lego ninja head gear, and brand it Osama Bin Lego whilst they’ll ignore an event more obvious and literal interpretation of a Lego terrorist such as this one.Forgive me for being skeptical but it seems like anything that HINTs at a racial slant is snapped up by the media, its not that brick arms created a Lego terrorist, its that Brick arms created a Lego Bandit that the media could call a terrorist, AND had a passing resemblence to wearing a head scarf thats popular in the arab world.

Back on to the Lego custom minifig, i think this is really cool,  the check piece is a lego decal two stud flat and the grenades are brick arms custom minifig accessories, whilst the coat is a fabric piece, I reckon this would sit really well in a vignette with some Lego police minifigs.

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