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Lego blogger

 Lego blogger by mr shiny and new

(Lego blogger by mr shiny and new)

This is a nice MOC vignetter of a Lego Blogger, (not me), interestingly the minifig here has got a double screen computer…he must be a pro! or a trader, it actually looks like an office setting, with those crappy half walls that seem to drain your soul, also the Lego suit case seems to give a hint too. Theres something quite charming about this vignette and I could see it being part of  Larger series of custom minifig cubicles.

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Lego custom minifig Blogger

Lego custom minifig Blogger

(Lego custom minifig Blogger by minifig)

Because most custom minifig and Lego fans are dotted around the world, and conventions aren’t always accessible, most Lego custom minifig fans gather on online forums and sites such as customminifig.co.uk, as a result a tradition has developed in producing a ‘sig fig’ or sinature custom minifig, this is usually the makes best or favourate piece, but could also be a Lego interpretation of the maker, similar to the Lego business cards Lego staff get.

This particular sig fig was made by minifig, and here it’s shown as part of a vignette, the detail is great especially the lamp, mug, computer and camera in the back ground.

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