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The Real Lego Terrorist custom minifig

The Real Lego Terrorist custom minifig

(The Real Lego Terrorist custom minifig by John-0515)

After all the media coverage of the Brick Arms Mr White, whom the media accused of being an islamic terrorist, I stumbled across this  image of a custom minifig terrorist, its strange how the media will twist and manipulate something as innocent as the Mr white minifig with its Lego ninja head gear, and brand it Osama Bin Lego whilst they’ll ignore an event more obvious and literal interpretation of a Lego terrorist such as this one.Forgive me for being skeptical but it seems like anything that HINTs at a racial slant is snapped up by the media, its not that brick arms created a Lego terrorist, its that Brick arms created a Lego Bandit that the media could call a terrorist, AND had a passing resemblence to wearing a head scarf thats popular in the arab world.

Back on to the Lego custom minifig, i think this is really cool,  the check piece is a lego decal two stud flat and the grenades are brick arms custom minifig accessories, whilst the coat is a fabric piece, I reckon this would sit really well in a vignette with some Lego police minifigs.

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Brick Arms minifig weapons review

Brick Arms mini fig logo
custom mini figcustom mini figcustom mini figcustom mini figcustom mini fig – Custom MiniFig says ‘Good!’

BrickArms are one of the most popular online custom minifig accessory manufacturers online, they specialize in producing (relatively) realistic looking military weapons for Lego minifigs and are a pride of place for many minifig collectors due, not least to their high quality finish and strong sense of design. They partnered up with Minifigforlife who are responsible for their UK distribution and marketing.

BrickArms was the brain child of Will Chapman from Richmond WA, and since 2006 has produced a range of over 31 highly collectible weapons, made from ABS plastic, the same type of plastic Lego use. More recently BrickArms caught the attention of the UK media when one of the (small collection of) complete Lego Mini Figures they produced was ‘picked on’ by a reporter from The Sun who clamed the offending Lego minifig named BrickArms Bandit – Mr. White was ‘Osama Bin Lego’, if anything however, the press who clearly didn’t have much to write about that day,  actually boosted the sales for BrickArms as their forum suggest, and since the release of this press BrickArms have been so inundated with orders that they had to close shop early for christmas just so they could catch up on orders of various minifigs and minifig weapons.

Here’s a pick of the custom minifig:

brick arms mr white custom mini fig

brick arms mega pack mini fig

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