Steel Custom Minifigure

Steel John Henry Irons Custom Minifigure

This Steel custom is by CustomBricks and is a lesser-known character from the DC Comics story line “Reign of the Supermen”.

John Henry Irons was a rich high-tech weapon designer whose life was saved by Superman after he risked his life to saved a coworker. Not long after, Superman was killed by Doomsday, much to John’s distress. After he saw the guns he designed were being used by street gangs, he create a suit of high tech armour to take Superman’s place and find out who was giving his guns to the gangs. He is basically the DC Comics equivalent of Iron Man.

DC Comics Steel Custom Minifigures

This custom minifigure features a digitally printed head and torso, and the legs are custom dyed. He comes with a custom red cape and a hammer which is custom made from 2 LEGO pieces (Thor’s hammer and a grey bar).

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