Star Wars Separatist Landing Craft

Star Wars Separatist Landing Craft by roholbro

Now this is the way to store minifigs, and whilst there are no custom minifigs here, you have to admit this is one hell of a MOC, its immense, just look at the sofa in the background! and this MOC can store well over 100 minifigs, as well as 4 transports, including the MTT Lego set and all the minifigs that come with that! This is literally an army of minifigs in a MOC the size of a house pet! Impressive.

5 thoughts on “Star Wars Separatist Landing Craft

  1. that is nice
    but one question can u build a sepratists star destroyer to scale with the republic venator
    than i would give u up 2 $350 4 it

  2. HEY dude how did you get to make the MOC can you reply please

    i mean how did you make the MOC without having any help from it?

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