Star Wars Coruscant Guard Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Geoffreid68

The Coruscant Guard was originally a Galactic Republic clone trooper unit led here by Commander Fox CC-1010, Commander Stone CC-5869, and Lieutenant Thire CC-4477. Founded by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, the troopers were responsible for augmenting the Coruscant Security Force and the Senate Guard in police and protection services.

During the Clone Wars, the Coruscant Guard utilized the Phase I clone trooper armour and crimson red was used to designate their status as the capital world’s police force. They used the emblem of the Galactic Senate as their symbol which was located in the center of their torso or shoulder armour. The troopers moved to the Phase II clone trooper armour when it became available however retained the crimson red colours.

These custom Coruscant Guard minifigures look great and we especially like all the weapons.

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  1. SWEET!!! Thanks “CUSTOM MINIFIG” for posting my Coruscant Guards, I’m glad you like them. [MAY THE BRICKS BE WITH YOU]

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