Space Pirates

Space Pirates
Space Pirates by JasBrick

purist lego custom minifigs from jasbrick, shame i always liked his painted custom minifigs most…jasbrick, when are you gonna make more custom minifigs?

4 thoughts on “Space Pirates

  1. I was joking… however I have a strange feeling about 2011, I am coming into the year with far less enthusiasm for customising than last year. There are a plethora of new custom companies but something is not quite right, but as yet I cannot put my finger on it.

    Could be a matter of lots of interesting bits being promoted but as yet unavailable… my interest in a lot of items seems to be less due the fact that 6 months plus after seeing these they are still not available.

    1. i’ve got the same feeling, there are some really nice things coming out and more custom companies, but there’s limited variety and it seems there needs to be a little bit of a shake up, anyways i’m sure at some point we’ll see some far more creative ideas coming out especially if there are some new films released.

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