Space Pirate, Hazel’s Horrors

Space Pirate, Hazel's Horrors
Space Pirate, Hazel’s Horrors by EdgeDonkey

another example of hazels custom minifig parts used in mix, check out the barrel of the weapon on the back.

18 thoughts on “Space Pirate, Hazel’s Horrors

  1. Hey Ken,

    Just wanted to ask a quick question about the voting thing. If you look at the bar on this photo, and compare to that of the one with the third most votes, DC Heroes Minifigs – Wave 9, this one clearly has more votes, but how come it doesn’t show up on the right hand bar?

  2. ^^^^ That is weird. “Vote Vote Vote” and “Conkers bad fur day Tedie” are working fine.

  3. The strap is a cut piece of vinyl. I have a ton. If yuo want some then shoot me a flickr mail! 🙂

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