Sleeper Agent Custom Minifigure

Sleeper Agent Custom Minifigure

This Sleeper Agent Custom Minifigure is the first release of 2017 by top pad printing custom minifigure vendor Phoenix Customs. He features a single sided head, front and back torso printing, as well as both arms, and the front of the dual molded black/grey legs.

The Sleeper Agent will make a great addition to your Phoenix Customs collection if you have already bought the Cold War Assassin and American Super Soldier custom minifigures.

Sleeper Agent, Cold War Assassin & American Super Soldier Custom Minifigures

The design and professional print quality make this minifigure worth buying! He comes with a BrickArms HCSR Sniper Rifle and collectable Card which is a nice touch.

You can buy this Sleeper Agent Custom Minifigure at while stocks last.

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