Silence of the Lambs in Lego

Lego Silence of the Lambs: Put the F-ing Lotion in the Basket
Animation by Pete Levin. Music and Lyrics from Silence the Musical by Jon and Al Kaplan.

OK first things first, if you’re averse to foul language don’t play this video as its very colourful in language. so this video is really well made, its a stop motion film of a scene from Silence of the Lambs – a film about a serial killer called Hannibal Lector who is a psychotic genius who ends up helping the FBI to find another serial killer, pretty gory and disurbing stuff, this stop motion video of Silence of the Lambs in Lego takes one particuar scene and makes a rather good musical out of it. Its actually really well filmed and the timings are stop motion are all really good, it could have been made professionally its that good. you can find out more here.