Shadow Dwarf

The great thing about Lego minifigures are that they can be used in so many hobbies. If you love painting and recreating your favourite movies and video games, then customising minifigs is for you. If you love photography then minifigures are an inexpensive way of showcasing your work.

Shadow Dwarf by s.kosoris is fantastic photograph of the Evil Dwarf from the Lego Minifigures Series 5.

Getting fed up with the flashlight, I turned it off for a shot (I was having problems focusing on his eyes with it on). I did end up with some nice ones where he was lit with the flashlight, but in the end I chose to post this one because I liked how he was all shadowed (and more evil seeming!) Also, I thought the axe looks a lot nastier when the two blades are together like that.