Sgt. Anton Petrenko (Goldenfox Company)

Custom minifig Sgt. Anton Petrenko (Goldenfox Company)

Sgt. Anton Petrenko (Goldenfox Company) – a custom minifig creation by Morgan190

another amazing custom minifig from morgan who won one of the competitions we’ve recently had ang got himself a £25 gift card for anything at there is one other competition and given that this is the 3,978th post on custom minifig, you all still have a chance to win a £50 gift card from

anyways back to morgans custom minifig – really cool amazing use of parts.
* BrickForge: Shoulder pauldrons, vambraces
* BrickArms: Weapons
* Modified LEGO: Visor (trimmed, painted), helmet (trimmed)
* Non-LEGO elements: Tube

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