SFOD-D Marksman Custom Minifigure

SFOD-D Marksman Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This SFOD-D Marksman Custom Minifigure is loosely inspired by the character Frost from the MW3 video game.

Using a G-Bricks cast Spec Ops head piece which has now been updated and recast, this custom minifigure is packed full of detailing and painted to a high level. I especially like the contrast between the tan camo and the black of the tactical vest.

The Marksman rifle is a heavily modded BrickArms M110 and now has added rails, bipod, and foregrip. The stock has been changed for a carbine stock and added lens caps to add a little more detail.

For the sculpting G-Bricks uses ProCreate and for the paints either Citadel or P3.

Overall another great custom minifigure by G-Bricks!