Series 3 minifigs

Series 3 minifigs
Series 3 minifigs by hmillington

this is apparently the first offcial photo of the series 3 lego collectors minifigs, and whilst other images exist they are all a little blurred, whilst this one isn’t blurred it is in japanese, but at least you can see more clearly what minifig are going to be in series 3, i think its a little weaker compared to series 2 and series 1, thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Series 3 minifigs

  1. I think the weaker minifigs in this series are the Sumo Wrestler, the Mummy, and the Space Alien. I would not mind not getting those three. The first series, I think, did not have any BA minifigs. For the second series, the Spartan was the most BA, and in this one, I would have to say the Elf is probably the most BA, which is why I intend to get that one first.

  2. I agree with you. The parts in this series aren’t as great as I thought they’d be, but nevertheless, there are still some excellent elements. I love the beard on the Fisherman, as well as the new-grey Samurai Armor!


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