Sergeant Aetius Thaelos Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Brick Head

This Space Marine, Sergeant Aetius Thaelos was inspired by the work of Geoshift and Mclovin and the minifigure has some sculpted parts and has white painted detailing.

He is wearing Post-Heresy Armour and has had bionics added, which is something the Iron Hands are famous for. They have a strong hatred for weakness, so every chance they get, they upgrade their body, much like the Adeptus Mechanicus. The markings on the left shoulder is the Iron Hand symbol, and on the left leg is an arrow, representing the fact that he is an assault specialist. The three cogs on his arm show what division he is part of.

This custom minifigure is by no way perfect and looks a little bit messy, however the quality of the photograph does not help.  We would definitely recommend trying to take the best picture you can . Ask a friend/or parents or even try and make it look better using some Free Photo Effects software.