Seal Team 6 Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

R.Goff1 is pretty new to the custom LEGO Flickr community however the quality of his custom minifigures is a very high standard, so be sure to check him out. (Link under photograph)

This Seal Team 6 Custom Minifigure features a fantastic custom built Quadeye Panoramic NVG system using the SI-DAN IBH helmet. The tactical vest is also custom made using the fabric and plastic, whilst the neck scarf and soft-holster are also fabric.

The rifle is a Tiny Tactical Delta Force (HK-416) with TT silencer, Tac Grip, TPIAL 15 (PEQ-15). There is also a very nice flashlight along with a custom made pressure switch for the PEQ-15. Finally the minifigure comes with a BrickArms stun grenade.

This minifig is really nicely hand painted and looks like he has just come from a tour in the desert. The paint work along with all the detailing makes this custom very impressive!

Richard is now selling some of his amazing custom minifigures as G-Bricks Custom Design.

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  1. I would like to commission you to build 2 of these for me, please? Is this possible?

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