Sander Interview

Belgium custom minifigure creator Sander is a very active member of the Flickr community and has made a great range of minifigures. We were delighted when he agreed to let us interview him and highlight his work!

How did you first get into custom minifigs?

Well, it all started WAAAY back in like 2009 when I made my MOC pages account. There I build like little mocs about Star Wars and Halo. When I discovered customizers on there I tried some stuff myself, then I still used sharpie. Now I use paint which in my opinion looks and is a lot better to use than sharpie.

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

Most of the time I don’t get inspiration from other customizers, but from games/movies where I make figures from. But when I do, I get it from friends like Andrew (Pecovam), Camden (09W AKA 09webcam), Danw Hero, Pedro, Chris (Mclovin), Connor (Condor.) and a few others.

Are there any customizers that you look up to, or inspire you?

Well… I actually have some people I look up to, and if I need help they are always there to give me tips and help me out for some things. But if I really have to choose 1 person i’d choose Chris (Mclovin), he is a great friend and helps me out ALOT.

What do you think of the Lego Collectors minifigures series?

Hmmm… I’m not a very big fan of them, but they do have some good stuff like the new printed torsos, legs, arms and new weapons (Shields, swords, etc…) you can use for other stuff. I would be more interested in them if they came with flesh skin instead of yellow. But they are nice anyway.

Are you currently on any new projects?

Actually yes, I have 3 more figures coming out soon. One of them is Ezio Auditore, I often post update pictures about him when I added some new stuff to the figure itself. About the other 2 I won’t say anything yet :P.

Do you have any tips to pass onto other customisers?

Pfff, i’m not exactly the one to give out tips, but heres one I shall give : Use your imagination, don’t always buy armor parts or weapons immediatly, try to make it with the resources you have. Yeah its a stupid one, I know, but it does work.

Thanks for this interview by the way. 🙂