Salted State Rooftop Overwatch Custom Minifigure

Salted State Rooftop Overwatch Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of Immediate~C

Cristy Benoit. Age: 19
Cristy lived her first few years of life with only her father, after her mother died from birth complications. Her father had a hobby as a prepper; so much so that he began work on a family bunker even before Cristy was born. Before she could begin an education, the nuclear strikes were launched forcing her and her father to take shelter underground. Throughout her childhood and teens, she grew up in the solidarity of her confined concrete underworld. Her father put her through home schooling and taught her survivalist skills. She was often left by herself when her father would go out to scavenge for supplies. To preoccupy herself, she began taking up hobbies such as sowing and drawing. While a creative and cheerful spirit, she has a hard time showing trust; often turning to aggression against unfamiliar people.

This is a fantastic poster for a Salted State storyline that Immediate~C has made up. The custom minifigure looks great and the pose holding the sniper rifle is perfect.

She definitely looks ready for action!