Resident Evil U.S.S Custom Minifigures

The films Resident Evil have become the most successful movie series to be based on a video game. The films are Resident Evil (2002), Apocalypse (2004), Extinction (2007), Afterlife (2010) and Retribution (2012) and here at Custom Minifig we can’t get enough of them. So we just had to review these Resident Evil U.S.S custom minifigures by Celtic -Wolf.

These U.S.S custom minifigures are pretty awesome with some nice LEGO combination including the tactical vests and helmets. They also carry a set of pretty cool weapons.

All we really need now is Alice!

One thought on “Resident Evil U.S.S Custom Minifigures

  1. Wow, thanks again. And going to the “Alice” statement, challenge accepted. 😉

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