RAMM 1st Aufklärung Trupp custom minifigs

RAMM 1st Aufklärung Trupp custom minifigs by Mdrn~Mrvls

(RAMM 1st Aufklärung Trupp custom minifigs by Mdrn~Mrvls)

There’s two movements in minifig customization, thoses that believe it’s ok to cut and modify standard Lego, and even use other parts to customize Lego, and those that believe is keeping everything Lego based, neither is correct, rather its a preference, the bottom line is that you can use either ‘school’ to create interesting and unique custom minifigs, that this RAMM, 1st Aufklärung Trupp, its a purist piece, ie. made only from Lego parts,but the minifigs are not only really cool, each is unique from the other. Better yet this is a good example of how to make a group of uniformed custom minifigs different from each other whilst keeping the theme together. Point to note even the custom minifig weapons are made from existing Lego parts, in particular the weapons from the Star Wars minifigs.